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Crumby's Review by CrazyCrumbCake

Sonic Boom: Episodes #1 and #2



Welcome all, girls and boys, young and old, humane and psychopathic, to the very first of CrazyCrumbCake's Cartoon Review TIME. It's not like I'm the one millionth person in the world doing something that's been already done before, but who the heck cares, right....right?

Anyways, lets just get down to business.

So as you probably know from my gallery, like Mario games....


Ok, ok, that was a really bland joke, but in all seriousness here, it's my duty as a professional Sonic fan to give my opinion on the newest Sonic show, Sonic BOOM (well.... not really, but I just woke up early for the show and have nothing else to do now). 

After doing this, I will probably later suffer backlash from sonic fanboys for stating an opinion about Sonic on the Internet, have to fake my death, start a new identity, and start the cycle all over again, rinse and repeat. 

(Before you guys start writing angry comments about what I have to say below, I know this is the very FIRST two episodes of the show. However, like any other show, you got to make a good first impression. Also, this is my first time reviewing a cartoon and posting on the web, so I not gonna be going way into everything unless I have a strong feeling toward it that it makes me focus it a lot in this review. I'm no Nostalgia Critic here, I'm a engineer in college. I examine materials and machines, not tv shows... Finally, I know this show was made for younger kids, though I don't really allow this to be a excuse because shows like the old Spongebob episodes, Gravity Falls, Wander over Yonder, and Adventure Time were all viewed toward the same demographic too.)

Enough with the blabbering, lets get on with it already!!!!!


First thoughts before it aired:

Since the news about the show, I have been, like most fans, skeptical about the show, especially when the animation was going to be 3-D. Now I'm not saying it's a 100% terrible idea, I'm saying it wasn't the best choice for a comedic cartoon like this. 2-D animation, like classic Spongebob or the new Mickey Mouse Shorts, would have been a better choice of medium here. I feel like the cartoony expressions would have given the jokes more "umpfff" to them. They just felt a bit too stiff here and there in the previews and whatnot.

If you were gonna do 3-D, then you need to have more stretchiness and cartoony movement in it (like in Genndy Tartakovsky's Popeye Test Animation, though that would be a bit too expensive to do for a cartoon show...).

The actual time that it aired:

Yeah I'm a bit angry about the new episodes starting at 7am. If your trying to be the one of those Saturday Morning Cartoons like the good ol days, you're 2 hours too early my friend. Most Saturday cartoon shows I can remember usually aired new episodes around 9:30 to 10:30am on Saturday, like Sonic X was. Those times were way more reasonable for any kid and adult to wake up before on a weekend. Seriously though, even if was a 10 year kid again who was usually determined to watch new episodes now matter what, I would probably pass this one when I saw it was that early.... Also, making me wake up for something like this that early better be damn worth it.

However, whole waking-up-early-to-watch-cartoons thing did bring back the inner child in me, so I will give you some brownie points for that, Sonic BOOM.

The Intro Theme:

There is one word that can explain my honest opinion about it: 


Why I think it's rushed? Well, there was so many, SO MANY, ways they could have made awesome intro. They could have have a fun theme song like Sonic X or Sonic Satam, maybe have a remixed version of the Sonic CD song, Sonic Boom. Anything that would set the theme of comedy, but no........ it had to be some "action adventure" background music.

The introduction with all the characters popping in was ok, but like I said, it felt rushed and done so quickly. The beginning and middle of it felt like a sped-up version of a Power Rangers scene, which doesn't mean it's bad, it's just that the pacing seemed too quick to me.

I do want to give a positive note here and say that I did like the ending when the title logo smashes the badniks. It was a bit unexpected and funny, which I enjoy. However, like I said before, it felt like the title scene could have had more in it and be a bit longer.

The Episode Title Cards:

My reaction [link]: start at 6:24 - 6:54 (Credit to Lyle for the making of the video)

But yes that's my actual reaction toward it.

Are you serious, really... REALLLY?!?! There was no effort put into it, absolutely none. That was rushed,... NO..., that wasn't rushed, it was just pure laziness!

It's a comedy cartoon, having a good title card is almost a law for cartoon shows, nevertheless have readable text on it (It was so small and fast that I couldn't even read what was after the episode's title) . ARGHHHHHH, I'm sorry folks, that was a major buzz-killer to me. I shouldn't get fed up about it though, it's just a title card scene. It doesn't mean the show is bad or anything... But they could have done a creative title card scene like Spongebob or something.

Episode 1: The Sidekick

Ok, so everyone has seen the beginning way before it aired. The comedy was, well, ok. I get what the writers were trying to go with the "Burn-Bot, but only has claws" joke, but it was executed pretty cruddy. (I remember the guys who do the sonic dissected videos, forgot their their names though, had a better joke for it.)

Well anyways....... I'm bringing this up because it tends to happen pretty often in this episode. Especially Amy acting like some Italian chef or something, I don't know. Why in the world was it in there, it wasn't even funny.... 

Besides that, one part that bothered me was Sonic firing tails as a sidekick. I know he did it to keep Tails safe from harm, but there were so many other ways that Sonic could have done to keep Tails safe. He could have had Tails take a break from fighting, like a temporary vacation or something, and while he was doing that Sonic would look for a temporary replacement (without Tails knowing) until Tails got better. Then Tails could find out about it and thinks that Sonic is replacing him and pretends to be someone else in the whole episode to try being Sonic's sidekick again. I not gonna try writing an episode here but there were so many other better ways than flat out firing him. 

Now because this is also an action/adventure cartoon,  lets talk about that.

It was, well, eh...

Nothing really special about, pretty simple and something that sonic and tails would mostly like do in any of their adventures. I'm just a bit indifferent here on the action scenes and mostly focused on the comedy here. I like comedy more than action because, to me, comedy is much harder to pull off than action.

Episode 2: Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Weeks?

First off, not gonna complain too much about it, but that is a dang long title for an episode.

Anyways, I actually liked this episode much more than the first one. So for that, I will start with the positive here:

--Eggman acting like a immature kid while staying over was pretty funny to me because I never think of him acting like that. So yeah, quite unexpected and funny.

--The scene with Amy trying to hold a discussion with Eggman, Sonic, and Tails was pretty funny, mostly sonic expressing how he feels about Eggman's roommate habits. 

However this episode isn't perfect, and has some problems with it:

First off, being the first episode Sticks the Badger is introduced, her first impression was....ehhh

I know that she is supposed to be very paranoid and mostly the comedic relief, but it wasn't really interesting for the first episode. That joke when Stick's faces the robot at Eggman's robot, I didn't get it, did I miss something from it....? I didn't get the punchline really or it probably didn't have much of a punch really to me. Also, I didn't think Sticks was really needed in this episode. There was really nothing significant she did in it besides make jokes, which weren't really that great to be honest (one chuckle maybe but that's it). 

I hope the future episodes will have more comedic relief from Sticks, I really want to like the character, but this wasn't a good first impression. Nika Futterman does a great voice for her and I don't want Sitcks to be another generic sonic side-character.


There was a bit more I could have gone over, but I would be writing no-stop if I did (I also don't want to sound way too nit-picky here, so I'm gonna leave to here).

In summery, it's really not a something at my age to wake up at 7am on a Saturday for, but a 10 year old kid could find some fun to it. The show isn't something much to talk about, since the comedy really needs some working on. The comedy in general seems to be a bit rushed, just like the title scene. There are some good jokes here and there, but there isn't any time to let them sink in.

I also hope they give the side characters some more character development, especially for Sticks, since she is a new character and whatnot. I will say though that Eggman was my favorite character in the these two episodes. Thumbs up to the egghead.

In the end, I think that is better for everyone to wait until the full episodes are online....

If I were to rate the the episodes on a scale of 1 to 10:

7/10 for "The Sidekick"

7.5/10 for "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Weeks"

Well that's all I have to say, hope you guys liked my review. I might doing more of these in future. I would love to hear all your comments and suggestions about this review.

Thank's for reading my Homies! :)

Nick Papa out!


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